E-Liquid Nicotine Overdoses in Animals

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Dozens of reports perpetuate the notion that e-liquid is hazardous and a serious threat, especially to small animals. The National Veterinarian Society recently stated that there has been a drastic hike in nicotine overdoes (usually these do not kill the animals) as a result of consuming e-liquid.

E-Liquid contains nicotine, a stimulant that affects the brain similarly to caffeine which has also been the culprit of animal death. While humans can process stimulants, animals have much smaller cardiovascular system which amplifies the effects of the simulants.

While it’s easy to point the finger at the electronic cigarette industry, the handling of products once obtained is then in the hands of the consumer. e-cigarette marketingThere are a plethora of household substances which can kill animals such as bleach, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, chocolate, liquor and even asprin. Most people keep these items out of harm’s reach, though because the prevalence of vaping is increasing, more pet owners are experiencing this as a result of their own incompetence. Anything that can harm an animal should be put away.

More animals are experiencing nicotine overdoes as a result of more people vaping. If we were to compare e-liquid overdoes with other harmful ingestions, the comparison might alter the public’s already stigmatized view of vaping.

E-liquid wholesale companies are aware of these facts, which is why the majority of companies secure their bottles with child-safety caps. In addition, nearly all reputable vendors explain proper storage and may even include paper-work with directions. It is recommended that vapers store their e-liquid in a closet or cabinet at room temperature away from children and animals; the exact same warning that household cleaners have.

This is just another example of how the electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry is scrutinized for being harmful to youth and pets; these tactics appeal to the emotions of the public. While the statistics referencing nicotine overdoses in animals may be correct, it is the leeching media who uses this information to create an entirely different spin-off for sensationalism, and sensationalism sells.

Unique E-Liquids and Odd E-Juice

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The weird world of unique e-liquid flavors continues to become more and odder by the day. From simple tobacco and menthol e-liquids to fruity and fun flavors like strawberry and peach, the options for vapers are endless. Though many anti-electronic cigarette sources cite e-cig manufacturers as child-appealing, recent evidence has negated that. Still, some bizarre e-juice flavors exist, and they become more unique and idiosyncratic by the day.

There has been talk about all kinds of wacky e-liquid flavors. The first unique e-liquid flavor that emerged was bacon. Electronic cigarette and vaporizer companies quickly began incorporating flavors with bacon to further appeal to the bacon vapers. Chocolate and bacon, for instance, was a popular combination.

For the hobbyist vapers, odd e-liquid flavors are fun and challenging. Many of these veteran vapers enjoy testing the flavors to see if they indeed match their descriptions. As far as strange, there exists e-liquids in flavors like anchovies, pizza, cheeseburger and even mustard. Though these unusual e-liquids are available, only a small percentage of e-cigarette users purchase them, as they are not e-liquid flavors that an individual would want to vape on for long periods of time.

The variances in e-juice flavors can also be a good thing. Interesting e-liquid flavors which do sound appealing are also rapidly emerging. Vapers can vape on anything from vanilla custard e-liquid to black cherry pie and even strawberry cheesecake. Many of these gourmet e-liquid flavors have been steeped and have unique recipes that only the e-liquid stores know.

Unique E-liquid is becoming a hobby just like the sub-ohms and mods which are also hobbyist aspects of electronic cigarettes. There are countless vapers who have entire tubs full of e-liquids. Some people enjoy switching the flavors out by constantly dripping, and others have reported spending massive amounts of money on flavored e-liquids as they want to try everything. In a way, it has become like gaming or shoe-shopping; a hobby that can be expensive but doesn’t necessarily need to be.

Unique e-liquid flavors and odd e-juice can be found all over the place. If you are trying to locate something specific, doing a basic Google search will enhance results. If you can name it, it might exist. SEO companies, such as BizLocal, provide services to other businesses to help them with their google ranking. There are also vapers who practice DIY on commission who can concoct these odd and unique creations. From orange sorbet to ham e-liquid, nearly anything can be found on the market today. For vapers looking to add some excitement to their e-cigarette usage, a unique e-liquid flavor might be the answer to a boring afternoon.

Shopping for the Best USA E-Cigarette Company

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USA electronic cigarette companies, contrary to public misconception, want FDA regulation. This should be noted more in the media, though the news is neglectful of telling both sides of the story. In the past, trace carcinogens were found in undisclosed, imported electronic cigarettes which alarmed the public and caused an overwhelming anti-electronic cigarette frenzy that was unnecessary. This principle is a primary factor in why USA e-cigarette companies want the FDA’s help, though without unnecessary taxes and over-regulation.

The issue of taxing electronic cigarettes also presents confusion. Electronic cigarettes produce nearly no waste, as well as no second hand smoke. Many vapers feel as though the added tax is a corrupt way to profit off of smokers who have switched to the e-cigarette alternative. Not everything can be as clean cut as the stainless steel knobs industry.

USA electronic cigarette companies have nothing to fear or hide, which is why an FDA sweep is not of concern. Many US e-cig vendors advertise on their front pages that they are ready for regulation, as well as posting their nicotine and FEMAS certificates to further ease new users in their doubts as far as what they are vaping. Electronic cigarette companies based out of the United States can lose everything and even be sued if someone were to become sick after consuming an electronic cigarette or e-liquid. To this date, there have been no deaths from liquid nicotine spawning from correct usage. All deaths associated with electronic cigarettes have occurred in infants and small children who were in reach of the products. When not vaporized, e-liquid is potent and very stimulating.

As with household cleaners like bleach and alcoholic beverages, electronic cigarettes and e-liquid should be kept away from children and pets. USA e-cig companies generally incorporate child-safety caps to further inhibit this from happening, similarly to what Aspirin and Ibuprofen have, which can also kill if over-consumed. In fact, downing a bottle of aspirin is a leading means of self-caused suicide, yet this is legal and of no concern to the public; rather e-cigarettes are the “problem”.

Electronic cigarette companies based out of the United States understand the dangers that can be presented by the products which they sell. This is why shopping through USA electronic cigarette companies is important, as their butts literally ride on it. Unlike vendors in Asia, USA e-cig companies face far more scrutiny. This results in sanitation and quality of the upmost importance. Shoppers who purchase e-cigs, vaporizers and e-liquid from online storefronts should always opt for distributors which back their products. In the end, for those new to vapor technology, it is paramount to shop for electronic cigarette devices through a USA electronic cigarette companies